No one is above the law

Well, it finally happened, Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home in Palm Beach, Florida was searched by the FBI. It seems after Donald’s January 6 coup, in which armed Trump supporters attacked the Capitol, while the other Trump supporters attacked from inside, utilizing their various positions within the government to overturn democracy and block the peaceful transfer of power…after all that, Donald took boxes of very sensitive very classified documents from the White House to his Mar-a-Lago home. Donald telegraphed that the FBI even “broke into” his safe, who’s worried about the contents on Donald’s safe? What did it contain?

During the FBI search at Mar-a-Lago Donald was in New York tending to another legal mess. Word on the street is Melania still doesn’t know about the FBI search – she was busy cataloging tapestries woven with shredded Vogue magazine covers. America must hope and pray that Donald didn’t stop by a Kinko’s to duplicate the very sensitive very confidential documents he took from the White House for direct fax to the Kremlin…or the highest bidder.

Perhaps no one is above the law in America, we shall see.

Upon hearing that Donald’s home was searched by the FBI, Kevin McCarthy immediately lubed himself up, joined hands with Majorie Taylor Greene and slid further up Donald’s rectum. We’ve all seen what Donald’s gang does when they are taken off standby. As I’ve said before, the question all of us need to ask now is who will be driving Donald in the white Ford Bronco? Which Republican will leap frog to the front of the line to become Donald’s Al Cowlings? Rest assured it will not be Ivanka Trump, as she will not only flip on Donald, she will fly away from him, change her last name, and implement Operation Gone Girl.

Donald attempted to get ahead of the breaking story by putting out a message of grievance and complaints, treating the Palm Beach FBI search of his home as if he were Donald Woods, heroically trying to transport written pages about Bantu Stephen Biko amid the atrocities of apartheid. Alas, Donald is crying out about his freedom, while America, this land of the free, was in peril under his presidency and nearly perished because he would not peacefully pass the People’s vote of power.

An FBI search is serious. Donald didn’t steal White House soaps, shampoos, towels, or a robe with the presidential seal…he stole boxes of very sensitive very classified information from the White House after he very deliberately attempted to steal democracy.

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