Who will be Donald Trump’s Al Cowlings?

Think back to June 17, 1994…

Police, helicopters, news cameras, and orange juice fans, were following O.J. Simpson in a white Ford Bronco, at the time Simpson was wanted for the double murder, of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson, two innocent people who’s lives were undeservedly and tragically cut short, leaving a whole in the souls of their family and friends. Driving the white Ford Bronco was Simpson’s friend and teammate Al Cowlings. As the chase gradually made its way over the freeway, Al Cowlings alerted police by phone that O.J. was armed and distraught. The events unfolding on television seemed unbelievable, yet it was all real – real bizarre. The focus of the country was on Orenthal James Simpson, and the driver of the white Ford Bronco, Al Cowlings.

Cut to 2021…

After Donald Trump lost the election, created lies about election fraud, started a deadly insurrection, refused a peaceful transition of power, and was forced to leave office, his legal troubles only continued to escalate with serious criminal and civil cases in New York, Washington D.C., and even Georgia. What will Donald do if he and his seditious spawn are convicted? Who will be his Al Cowlings, driving a gold plated golf cart with a “45” bumper sticker, blaring YMCA on the stereo, down a Florida highway, while Donald holds a Diet Coke in one hand and his TV remote in the other? Ironically, Donald would create a ratings bonanza, only this time O.J. will stand for Orange Jackass. Donald may want to start thinking about who in his Mar-a-Lago mob will drive for him. Alas, many in Donald’s gang are facing criminal cases of their own, making the option for public transportation Donald’s alternative get away. However, Donald on a bus seems pretty far-fetched, especially considering all the people he’s thrown under the bus. Donald soon may be screaming, where’s my Al Cowlings, just as he screamed for his Roy Cohn. Stay tuned, there’s a chance the orange man will be in an orange jumpsuit using his one phone call to dial up Fox & Friends.

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