Ivanka Implements “Operation Gone Girl”

Brace yourself, we may soon see implementation of “Operation Gone Girl” at Donald’s White House. President-Elect Joe Biden officially has a .gov website, the writing is cemented on the wall for Donald, he lost the election, and must move out, relinquishing his Presidential palace, and its perks of protection. As with the end of an evening immersed in hard core partying, last call has been announced, and the bouncers are relaying the message, “You don’t have to go home, but you have to get out of here.” This is the constitutional communique being sent to Donald and his family – get out of the White House. Donald has since announced, from an oddly tiny table, that he will leave, although reporting has recently revealed Donald has plans to hold a rally during Biden’s inauguration, where he will announce his run in 2024. Whether this is a serious run for office, or another “Donald Distraction” to draw attention away from the swearing-in of President Joe Biden, and the mounting legal troubles Donald and his family face, the days leading up to his exit will be a kind of “Wolf of Pennsylvania Avenue” vibe. Someone needs to ensure all items in the White House remain after Donald’s departure. Given his deep financial problems, he may try to pawn the china Nancy Reagan purchased back in the 80’s.

Presidential Princess, Ivanka, will have to face accountability for her actions once she leaves her father’s Presidential protection. Daddy Donald will not be able to fix this one, he has his own music to face. What will Ivanka do? Implement, “Operation Gone Girl.” If you have not seen the 2014 film, Gone Girl, directed by David Fincher, based on the novel by Gillian Flynn, who also wrote the screenplay, Gone Girl is about a white woman, Amy Dunne, played by Rosamund Pike, who elaborately fakes her disappearance, in order to frame her husband, Nick Dunne, played by Ben Affleck. And because it’s a rich white woman who has disappeared, a media circus ensues, with Amy playing the public to her benefit. Amy convinces the public to believe her lie, leaving carnage in her wake. Amy gets away with the lie, because she is a white woman of means, who looks the part, and plays it well. Amy manipluates everyone, playing the role of virtuous victim. Amy, like Ivanka, cultivated a pristine perfect blonde image that the public bought into, and when Amy got angry, she didn’t “snap” she didn’t set his car on fire, she plotted and planned, using her money, and her whiteness as weapons. Akin to “Gone Girl Amy,” “Gone Girl Ivanka,” will use her money, her whiteness, and her friends who own social media, like her Facebook pals, who also own Instagram and just can’t quit Donald, (the platform is still a safe place for Donald’s lies, lunacy, and his litany of grievances), to plot her way out of trouble.

The depths of corruption are being revealed, however we don’t yet know how far reaching, or everyone who is implicated. Ivanka screamed “political harassment” when she was associated with her father’s tax write offs. Ivanka lay claim to being her own woman, while at the same time supporting her father’s agenda, defending his character, and of course reaping the financial benefits of being one of Donald’s offspring. Investigations into the handling of Trump’s inauguration funds are underway, and Ivanka was deposed. Donald and his family are keen on throwing anyone, and everyone under the bus, to self protect, and to avoid accountability. No matter the level of loyalty to the Republican Royal Family, aka Donald Trump’s klan, you will be thrown under the bus, just ask Stephanie Winston Wolcott, Melania Trump’s ex-friend, who was thrown under the bus, and sued by the Department of Justice, tax dollars at work. Donald, and his family, are throwing Republicans under the bus at such a high clip, that they are sticking to the wheels of the bus, just like the Reverend Lenox Thomas, played by Richard Pryor, in Which Way Is Up? stuck to the wheel of the bus. Even the Reverend Lenox Thomas’ platinum healing glove could not save him from being stuck to the wheel.

We don’t know what goes on behind the scenes of the Republican Royal Family, perhaps Ivanka is a victim of her father’s sociopathic narcissistic personal ambition, powerless to make her own choices, fearful to speak out, bound by chromosome and contract to Donald, with no resources to live a life independent of his, held captive in a spa. Sure. Alas, she’s a white woman, and thus will be given the benefit of the doubt. Families, rich and poor, are fucked up, however, the rich families are afforded the space to retreat behind a wall of wealth for protection, while poor families must face the consequences for their actions. Next month, Donald and his family will not have the protections of the Presidency, which they have poisoned and manipulated in order to serve themselves. Next month Ivanka will need to find another “job” in Trump world, because in the actual world, the branded image she has worked to cultivate, will not get her very far. People are not buying Ivanka’s line. What’s a rich white girl to do? Implement “Operation Gone Girl,” and rebrand as a woman who made it out of Daddy Donald’s world of deception. So, look out Jared, Donnie Jr., Eric, and Donald…Ivanka is a white woman scorned at the prospect of going to jail for her involvement with you guys, and she’ll stop at nothing to keep herself safe. She’s been raised to think she’s above the law, to avoid responsibility, to put herself first, to project a strong polished image, and to never lose. As Tanner Bolt, played by Tyler Perry, says in Gone Girl, this is…

“A mindfucker of the first degree.”


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