Kentucky Cops Cover-up Breonna Taylor’s Murder On Cameron’s Watch

The chief legal officer for the state of Kentucky, Attorney General, Daniel Cameron, is a fierce supporter of Donald Trump and wants everyone to know that yes, he is Black and voted for Donald. Cameron is the same guy who engaged in peculiar problematic behavior when called to investigate the murder of Breonna Taylor, as he delayed establishing a grand jury and the release of key information the grand jury would be allowed to consider. Cameron was reluctant to investigate the police and supported the statements of the police involved in the murder of Breonna Taylor. Thankfully, unlike Cameron, the United States Department of Justice actually looks at uncovering facts instead of covering for political allies and have charged Louisville police officers with conspiracy in connection to Breonna Taylor’s killing.

Under Cameron’s leadership as Kentucky’s Attorney General, police officers lied and falsified an affidavit to cover-up their actions in the killing of Breonna Taylor. Louisville cops even met in a garage to corroborate their lie. Cameron refused to condemn Donald Trump‘s racist language during protests of Breonna Taylor’s murder, instead Cameron directed outrage at Black celebrities for having the nerve to speak about Breonna Taylor’s murder. Cameron also complained about “influencers” speaking about the grand jury decision while refusing to acknowledge the “influence” he’s apparently under – via his affiliation, affection, and admiration of Trump. Daniel appeared on Fox News with Tucker to lament about his “truth” finding in the Breonna Taylor case and the disgusting criticism he received for being a Black Republican, later the two had dinner to discuss their disgust further.

Daniel Cameron took “law and order” cues from Donald Trump. In doing so Cameron wiped out any chance of justice for Breonna Taylor. No word yet on if Cameron’s cellular phone has been wiped out as well. Perhaps when you are a GOP rising star standing with Trump on the big lie, being silent on other lies is just par for the course. Cameron can’t hide behind his convenient shield of, “But I’m A Black Republican,” to escape the fact, that he ignored the facts – the police broke the law and killed Breonna Taylor.

Leaving no stone unturned on his quest for truth in the Breonna Taylor investigation, Daniel Cameron apparently forgot about the foundational historical stone of systemic racism whereby police kill Black people and lie about it. The ginormous stone of systematic racism isn’t made of quartz monzonite, like Georgia’s Stone Mountain, yet it is just as resistant to erosion, making the erosion of racism an arduous process.

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