Donald Trump Knew His Lies Were Lethal, Yet He Lied To US Anyway

Racism, COVID-19, wildfires, an ash filled sky, remote school, and the fetid winds that blow in from Greeley right before it snows, topped news here in Colorado. That was Tuesday. Then Wednesday happened. Washington Post journalist, Bob Woodward, released audio receipts, recorded months ago, that acted as a non-fiction trailer for his book, Rage, about the Donald Trump presidency. The audio recordings are epic, there is no doubt at all, Trump knew the lethality of coronavirus, and lied about it. Donald Trump lied about a deadly virus to the American public, and continues to do so. Trump responded to the audio recordings, calling Woodward’s book a political hit job, and recommending that Ted Cruz, be a Supreme Court Justice. None of that deflects the fact that Donald Trump lied to America about a deadly airborne virus, for which there is no cure or vaccine. There is no subject Trump considers sacred or worthy of truth – whether it’s crowd size, coronavirus, or the Constitution – Trump betrays all.

Trump opened Pandora’s box, and the contents are of biblical proportion. Trump lied to the country about the significance of the coronavirus, while acknowledging to Bob Woodward, that the coronavirus was, “deadly stuff.” Trump regularly told the American people that the virus would “magically disappear,” as he firmly pushed the deception that coronavirus was contained. He continually called COVID-19 a hoax, as he does with climate change, and Russian election interference. It cannot be overstated, Donald Trump lied with lethality to the American people about COVID-19. Trump stated that he aimed to play down the virus, as not to cause panic. Really, panic? The same Trump who forces fear and panic on a regular basis – fueling racism, violence, chaos, and confusion – is now saying he was trying to avoid panic. The only people who would buy that feeble excuse, would also buy Trump Steaks, and Trumpy Bear.

Trump deliberately lied to the citizens he swore to protect and serve, if, Americans are those citizens, as his actions set off alarms of allegiance to oligarchs, over Americans. The audio recordings echo Trump’s obvious racism, insecurity, and affinity for white supremacy, which is not revelatory. Black people, with the possible exception of those whom the Grand Old Party, pay for display, see Trump as he is, and have for some time.

The Woodward audio recordings shared thus far regarding coronavirus have revealed the following:

Trump knew the coronavirus was airborne.

Trump knew the virus was easily transmitted.

Trump knew masks and social distance would mitigate transmission.

Trump knew children were infected by coronavirus.

Trump knew the coronavirus was deadly.

Trump knew all of this. He knew it, yet encouraged large indoor gatherings. Mocked people with masks. Demanded that schools and businesses open. Demanded that professional sports play ball. Demanded that college sports continue. Demanded that Michigan be liberated. Diminished the CDC, FDA, and the coronavirus task force. Vilified science. Withdrew America’s support from the World Health Organization. Sued to stop Americans from receiving health insurance through the ACA. Suggested bleach be injected in the body as a treatment. Pushed magical, unproven therapies. Slowed virus testing. Refused to fully fund The Heroes Act. Reduced states to begging and bidding wars for PPE. Placed health care workers at increased risk. And turned nursing homes into killing zones. All this – while he knew. There will be more revealed in the Trump Administration coronavirus cover-up. No public relations pirouette, will pivot The People’s focus, from Trump’s lies about the pandemic. People are still dying.

Donald Trump drew a line through the united, in United States of America, with a Sharpie. This time it’s not about Hurricane Dorian, it is about death, due to a highly contagious virus, spreading through the entire country. He knew COVID-19 was deadly yet willfully lied. Thousands of lives could have been saved. Trump chose to let people die. Trump, and those who enabled the lie, are responsible for the deaths of Americans. The loss of life is staggering. Trump knew the truth about coronavirus early on, and has lied to Americans every day since.

Republicans remain in shameful defense of their standard bearer. Despite Trump knowingly being on the record, the audio recordings from Woodward, were dismissed as a “gotcha book” according to Trump’s Republican Party. There is still no national plan, on COVID-19, from the Trump Administration.

rage /rāj/ noun: violent and uncontrolled anger; a fit of violent wrath; insanity; violent action; verb: raged, rag·ing; to act or speak with fury; show or feel violent anger; fulminate; to move, rush, dash, or surge furiously.

Trump’s lies are lethal.

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