The Devil vs. Jabez Stone

Senate Republicans may want to watch The Devil and Daniel Webster, since they spiraled down the staircase of perdition, in an effort to halt democracy, and order pizza, in a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF). It is doubtful the Trump Impeachment trial in the Senate, will resemble the 1941 film, despite the glaring similarity of the Republican Senate, being a jury complied of condemned and damned souls, as in The Devil and Daniel Webster, which is based upon a short story by Stephen Vincent Benet. In the film, souls are on the line, in the unholy legal battle of, The Devil vs. Jabez Stone, which is one for the surreal judicial record book. If you haven’t seen the film, it’s worth a watch, especially if you are a Republican. James Craig, portrays New Hampshire farmer, Jabez Stone, who sells his soul to the Devil, through a contract with hell’s liaison, Mr. Scratch, played by Walter Huston. Spoiler alert, Jabez Stone enjoys riches of a lavish life, right up to the deadline of his soul coming due. Jabez Stone then changes his mind, and wants to keep his soul. There is a way out for Jabez Stone, he may offer the soul of his son, Daniel Stone, to the Devil. Enter, Daniel Webster, played by Edward Arnold, who places himself into the deal with the Devil, by representing Jabez Stone in a hybrid court of Hades, held in a barn. Daniel Webster demands a jury trial saying, “You shan’t have this man. A man isn’t a piece of property, Mr. Stone is an American citizen, and an American citizen cannot be forced into the service of a foreign Prince.” Daniel Webster draws upon the US Constitution, demanding a jury trial, with an American jury. Ironically, Benedict Arnold is a member of the jury. However, Daniel Webster is not content with the jury, and immediately objects to Benedict Arnold being on the jury, saying “he (Benedict Arnold) was a flagrant trader to the great American cause.” His objection is denied, and the trial proceeds. Republicans pay attention – Trump is Benedict Arnold, not Jabez Stone, one could actually say Trump is Lucifer’s liaison, making deals and collecting souls. Willy Barr, sold his soul for Trump, although Barr’s not exactly presenting the level of legalese, or patriotism, displayed by Daniel Webster. There’s still hope for Republicans to redeem their souls, I thought Republicans claimed Christianity, with a dedicated political strong hold on morality, keep in mind, ever since the Daniel Webster debacle, the Devil initiated a firm no return, no refund policy on all souls, no exceptions.

Daniel Webster appeals to the damned souls of the jury, reminding them that they too once believed Mr. Scratch, when he told them their souls meant nothing, resulting in them loosing their souls and their freedom. Daniel Webster pleads with the jury dramatically stating, “Freedom isn’t just a big word, it is the morning, and the bread and the risen sun. It was for freedom we came to these shores in boats and ships, it was a long journey, a hot one, and a bitter one.” Powerful writing indeed, and it is earnestly conveyed, except there is the obvious glaring blind spot during all the emotional patriotism and sincerity about freedom, as clearly freedom wasn’t planted like, “wheat in a field,” for all people, (a classic Hollywood omission of slavery for the sake of convenience and self-righteousness), and as for the boat ride Daniel Webster described, well, I’ll say the middle passage, in this white man’s American romanticized chapter of cinematic history was expunged. When Daniel Webster bellows, “Don’t let this country go to the Devil,” he is drawing a comparison of America to Jabez Stone’s soul, because in the eyes of Daniel Webster, it’s not just Jabez Stone’s soul in peril, it’s America’s soul, therefore, saving Jabez Stone’s soul, equates to saving the very soul of the country. Remind you of anyone? Like Trump, drawing false comparisons to his illegal actions, considering any legal or Constitutional consequence, to be an attack on America. Remember the time his attorney’s office was lawfully searched by the F.B.I. and Trump compared it to an assault on America? Or when every person in American Intelligence proved, and authenticated Russia interference in American elections in “sweeping fashion” to help elect Trump? Yet again, Trump just says it’s an attack on America, howling that Russian interference is a hoax. The Devil and Daniel Webster, concludes with a victorious Daniel Webster, as Jabez Stone gets to keep his soul. If the law and the Constitution are honored, Trump will not keep his office, although it appears his soul is presently under contract. Celebration ensues with Jabez Stone vowing to work in Caucasian collaboration with his fellow townspeople. It’s a glorious Hollywood ending, even in lieu of Mr. Scratch stealing Ma Stone’s peach pie. Fun fact, originally, the film was titled, All That Money Can Buy, unfortunately, based upon the current state of world affairs, money may also buy an American Presidency, however, it seems the only currency accepted are rubles and Libra.


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