Conflicted Confederate Cabinet

Extended abnormalities have continued since the current President’s contrived televised “Cabinet” conclave, with mutations in the cast of characters, who participated in the pitiable performance, and mutations in the “policies” the cast has implemented. Witnessing the clique of chicanery, feign faith in “45” was initially humorous, however, as the calamity of the White House oval jerk continued, the gravity of the situation settled in, and the scene rapidly shifted from hilarious to hellacious, as members of the Antenora conclave revealed their respective level in hell, ranging from prodigal and avaricious to treacherous. “Cabinet” devotees, with asphyxiated souls, exhibited disgraceful expressions of cult like admiration, while others seemed as though they were held captive by a vengeful King of sorts. Perhaps in some manner, Virgil’s ghost is guiding humanity through the nine circles of hell, helping people get back on the path, hopeful to find the mountaintop, beyond Dante Alighieri’s statement, “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here,” ironically, this is now the same sign posted at the US southern border.

There is no limit to the depths of hell Trump will continue to submerge the world in, the fused swamp of wrath, where people are clashing, suffering, and violent toward nature, will not cease with cowards in the Cabinet. There is nothing poetic about the current state of world affairs, unfortunately, Dante, did not script this tragedy. Courage is required right now, not stale silence from those who previously, or currently, served America’s revered institutions in this Administration of agony. Staying silent is not respect for the office or democracy. Silence, combined with, apathy, is the making of a confederate Cabinet. As Dante is quoted as saying, “The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis.”

oval jerk: ōvəl/ /jərk oval jerk: (ad)verb; a group of people creating an oviform, rounded, somewhat elongated formation, design or shape, such as an egg, engaged in the act of privileged cowardice, forced to publicly rub, twiddle, caress, and glide, fantastical and pleasing actions of ballyhoo; repeating adulation by means of verbal praise, to lubricate, and arouse the ego with puffery until ‘Individual 1’ reaches climax.

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