“Take it off,” said, Donald

Neglecting to realize that he was at the White House, not at a strip club circa 1990, Donald told a journalist, “Take it off,” in reference to the mask the journalist was wearing. Donald stood at the presidential podium, covered in hubris and hate, displaying scorn for public health, particularly the wearing of masks, and pressed the journalist to, take it off. Donald ignored questions directed to him, instead he repeatedly asked reporters, who was going to dance for him? Oddly, Donald then began to throw $1 bills at reporters, while asking if anybody had change for a $5. The press event abruptly ended after Donald screamed that he needed a shower to wash off all the glitter. Everyone in attendance was bewildered by Donald’s bizarre request, given that the press corps do not dance, and no visible glitter was on Donald. As he was leaving Donald exclaimed, none of them are even my type. Upon later examination of the $1 bills thrown at them, reporters noticed the bills had Donald’s face and signature, so just like Donald, the bills have no redeeming value.

Mask up.

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