Warnock Wins!

Senator Raphael Warnock won the US Senate runoff in Georgia…again. Warnock ran against Donald’s pick, Herschel Walker, the guy Donald didn’t pick to represent his organization for a T.V. show, but who Donald thought could represent the state of Georgia. The Heisman trophy hypocrite, with an affinity for werewolves and vampires; and a flair for idiocracy, wasn’t what Georgia voters wanted. Warnock won because he ran an incredible campaign, but more importantly, because Warnock is bonafide and qualified.

People of color are forced to work harder to vote, not only in Georgia, but across the nation. Diversity won in Georgia tonight, as a multicultural coalition joined forces to fight for democracy. The People picked humanity over hypocrisy, sanity over silly, knowledge over a knucklehead, and freedom over freedumb. As Raphael Warnock said tonight, “The People have spoken.”

Georgia’s Jim Crow tried to prevent certain people from voting by signing voter suppression laws under a portrait of a plantation. Seriously, six white guys stood as one white guy signed voter suppression into Georgia law while literally under a portrait of a plantation. When The People vote, The People win. We are looking forward to a full term of Warnock in Washington. He’s Georgia’s first Black senator, but not the last. Right on Warnock.

“To fight for voting rights is to fight for human rights.” Raphael Warnock

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