Herschel Walker: Funny Flea Flicker

Herschel Walker is known for various accomplishments affecting humanity on a variety of levels. From his service in the FBI to his academic achievements, Herschel has impressed upon America his humble honesty when revealing all he has accomplished.

However, there are a few things about Georgia’s own Hairy Dawg, Herschel Walker you may not know, mainly because he’s been so busy running his campaign in Georgia, while simultaneously avoiding debates, facts, and science.

Herschel’s historic highlights are not just trick plays, like the flea flicker. Word on the street is Herschel dated Ginni Thomas to make Clarence Thomas jealous and it worked. After what came to be known as the couple’s Herschel Hideous, Clarence vowed to always appease Ginni, his Quagmire Queen. To this day, Ginni considers Herschel, one of the good ones that got away.

And bonus, Herschel’s covid curing mist also doubles as a sheen spray, leaving all hair types with a sleek stunning shine. Unfortunately, the sheen spray was not laboratory tested, as Herschel did not allow science (or as he refers to it Satan’s science) to be used in its development. Alas, the sheen adheres to hair forming a helmet like shell. Will Herschel’s pseudo shine hair shell reach all Georgia voters 1 to 4c? We shall see.

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