The “R” after Republican may as well stand for Reichsbürger.

Germany’s “citizens of the Reich,” sound, look, behave, and believe like Republicans right here in the U.S.A. White supremacy is being imported by Germany, which is like bringing sand to the beach, given Germany’s history. Reichsbürger members in Germany attempted a coup, they tried to overthrow Germany’s democratic government. Hmmm…now that sounds familiar.

Reichsbürger and Republican

• Both groups started a coup. The Republican standard bearer, Donald Trump, refused the peaceful transfer of power and started a violent coup.

• Both groups encourage, support, and harbor extremists.

• Both groups reject their respective country’s constitution.

• Both groups believe that their respective government is illegitimate.

• Both groups believe in white supremacy.

• Both groups believe in conspiracy theory.

• Both groups have ties to Russia. Reichsbürger members believe that Russian intelligence will liberate them. Donald Trump and his ties to Russia have long been exposed.

• Both groups have members who are police and armed forces. US Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas, is residing over cases his wife is involved in.

• Both groups do not support voting or democracy and believe in a deep state.

“Fuck the voting. Get right to the violence.” Roger Stone

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