The “Women of Color” Umbrella often leaves Black women out in the rain

The “women of color” umbrella often leaves Black women out in the rain. Sure, strides made toward equality are good for all. However, it seems that when there is a seat at the table, historically Black women are not the ones sitting at the table, but rather serving those who are. Don’t get it twisted, I’m not playing into minority vs. minority, we either stand together and move forward, or divide and regress. The pseudo sisterhood serves no one.

There is no model minority, the mind games of that are, to quote Tanner Bolt from the film Gone Girl, a “Mindfucker of the first degree.” Black women know the level of vetting we endure on the regular. We cannot be good to advance, we have to be exceptional, regardless of the job. A mistake, or misstep results in enormous setback. We rarely get second chances, primarily because we are often not given a chance at all. So, when President Biden announced he will in fact nominate a Black woman to the United States Supreme Court, I thought, finally a Black woman is going to get her chance. Her long overdue, well deserved chance. It’s about fucking time.

Since the news broke that Justice Breyer will retire, I’ve watched the madness about our melanin ensue. The frenzied wrath from pompous pundits and alabaster assholes who spew tag lines about being color blind makes me want to holler. “Oh, make me wanna holler, and throw up both my hands,” thank you brother Marvin Gaye. The bigot based banter is not unexpected, after all, this is America, home of Sally Hemings who served duel roles as property, lover, and mother. Some may say Black women have a complicated history in America. I say we are America and its history. Where would this nation be without us?

Although Black women are so damn fly, smart, resourceful, and intelligent, we were not looked to as arbiters of justice. Well, that has changed, the short list of Black women that President Biden will select from are all impeccable. Without question each Black woman up for consideration is exemplary. Alas, even our meritorious melanin will still face the racist repartee of Republicans, and the Party’s Caucasian cousins, Sinema and Manchin, in what will surely be phrased as a confirmation of character. So, I say to our Supreme Court Sister, keep on being you and do what you know you need to do. Serve.

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