“Education and justice are democracy’s only life insurance.” Nannie Helen Burroughs

The sun has set on the first day of Black History Month, and what a day it’s been…HBCU’s received bomb threats forcing campuses to close, Republicans continue their attack on history, particularly any aspect of history which makes them feel discomfit, and anti-voting laws continue to spread while Republicans try to normalize their coup.

Nannie Helen Burroughs said that racism is in the blood of America, which makes sense considering our starting point of being property in this country. She advocated for education, as a means to bring awareness and the necessary action required for equality. Education about the origin of racism is being denied, with some states trying to make key elements of history illegal. As night settles over day one of Black History Month 2022, let’s remember the sage words of activist and educator, Nannie Helen Burroughs.

“Anything that is as old as racism is in the blood line of the nation. It’s not any superficial thing-that attitude is in the blood and we have to educate about it.” Nannie Helen Burroughs

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