The (R) after Republican now stands for (R)acist

Tennessee Republicans Expelled Democracy and Embraced Autocracy.

Republicans made it clear that they believe, “of the people, for the people and by the people,” means white people. White supremacy is alive and doing pretty damn well in America, and it’s doing especially well in the conspicuously gerrymandered state of Tennessee.

In response to a mass shooting in Tennessee, Republicans decided to take massive actions, by expelling 2 Democrats…two young Black men, for protesting gun violence alongside students and parents. It is of particular note, that three Democrats were up for expulsion, Gloria Johnson, Justin Jones, and Justin Pearson. Yet, Tennessee Republicans expelled the two Black men, Justin Jones and Justin Pearson. The reason provided by Tennessee Republicans for expelling the two Black men: decorum.

Decorum, a noun meaning, proper, propriety, polite, with good taste in conduct and appearance. Or as Republicans refer to it, wearing khakis while donning tiki torches to protest, rather than the ostentatious white hood and robe.

Instead of facing the legitimate concerns of gun violence, the number one cause of death for kids, Republicans are trying to distract focus away from gun violence, with faux outrage over, decorum.

The Republican Party, whose standard bearer was indicted and arrested, charged with 34 felony counts, are worried about decorum. The Republican Party, who largely refused the peaceful transfer of power, then attempted a coup to violently over throw democracy are concerned about decorum. The Republican Party, with members like Marjorie Taylor Scream, who berated a teenager after he survived a mass shooting at his school, are worried about decorum.

Decorum. Republicans want to hide behind decorum in Tennessee. There is no decorum in mass shootings. There is no decorum in gun violence. There is no decorum in AR15’s dismembering human beings. A shooter, armed with automatic weapons killed 3 children and 3 adults, while they were at school, yet Republicans draw the line at how they perceive Black elected officials display decorum.

Republicans in Tennessee proved that it’s not about the rules, it’s about race. Some white people don’t like it when Black people speak up, much less lead. Tennessee Republicans basically told two democratically elected Black representatives to shut up and know your place. The actions of Republicans in Tennessee would make Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard, Nathan Bedford Forrest proud.

Tennessee students and parents peacefully assembled to demand that elected officials do something about the fact that children are being killed by gun violence, chanting, “You ban books, you ban drag, kids are still in body bags!”