What does the GOP stand for? Why are Republicans refusing to fully denounce racism, sexism, homophobia, voter fraud or corruption? Over the years we have observed Republicans seemingly act with blissful compliance regarding the political party’s embrace of bigotry, monetary malpractice and authoritarianism. GOP previously meant Grand Old Party, that appears to have changed. Today’s Republican party will dissolve into history as did the Whig Party, as they are on a path of self-destruction, ingesting the parasitic poison of its host. President Trump is not patient zero, but rather the result of Republican Party gene splicing and bioengineering, creating the Party’s own version of H. G. Wells’, The Island of Dr. Moreau, where its Trump supporting inhabitants have escaped the island and are now attempting to plague the world. Republicans are silent on the facts of proven foreign interference in American democracy, silent on the murder of a journalist, silent on the abuse of executive power, silent on the blatant lies regularly rolling out of the White House. Silent.

Aligning with a political party is a choice, making a choice to join a party representative of hatred is reflective of who you are. People take time to contemplate certain choices, a haircut, shoes, where to live, to get married or not, to have a family, where to go for dinner, and somewhere in the realm of choices, what political party to join, if you join one at all. When you choose to stand in the political tent alongside racists, you are indeed supporting racism. The attempt to pollute the water with pseudo intellect in the justification of why one chooses to affiliate with a political party representative of obvious bigotry and attacks on the pillars of democracy is an abandonment of conscience.

What happened to winning with integrity and accepting defeat with grace? Remember, no one wanted to play with the kid who screamed and cried whenever he or she lost. Most parents would not tolerate their children hanging out with bullies, much less stand by and watch anyone bully their kids. So, why affiliate with a political party that encourages far worse than bullying, but one that endorses bigotry and apparently nationalism? Why watch “fringe elements” now mainstream, devolve into full-blown hate, and excuse their violent actions as being influenced by everything except Trump? This is not normal – we cannot allow ourselves to be numb to the totality of what is going on.

Here are a few new definitions of GOP and what the (R) stands for when following a Republican’s name:

Guardians Of Putin

Gluttonous Oppressive Punks

Goons Obliterating Peace

Gratuitous Overrated Pumpkin (the leader of the party is orange)

R is for Russia

R is for Racist

R is for Reality show

R is for Rude

One can only wonder what has happened to the Republican party. It seems members of the Republican party are compromised by Trump – the collective silence cannot be ignored. Republicans are actively betraying America, choosing to conspire with Trump over America. Republicans have exchanged dignity for mendacity in loyal support of the current President. Republicans must make better choices, Trump’s ego is not a hill worth dying on.

“There comes a time when silence is betrayal.” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.





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