Donald Trump, television’s apprentice for white supremacy, doesn’t want cameras in the courtroom. Donald and his crew are demanding privacy…the same Donald Trump who spied on girls in the beauty pageant he owned and ran. The, “man, camera, TV,” guy doesn’t want cameras in the courtroom. Even Donald’s Supreme Court doesn’t want cameras, cue the Cameras in the Courtroom Act. Gotham City’s courtroom cameras won’t capture Donald being treated as a star, it’s not Trump News Network (thank you Jimmy Fallon). It’s not a set for him to build the circus. Of course, Caucasian complaints get attention, therefore, no cuffs for Donald…indeed the Caucasian comforts continue. What’s next, Donald demanding that Annie Leibovitz take his mugshot? No one being above the law is teetering on tragically turning into a cliche…just something you say.

Donald not only gets extra points, he gets extra privilege.