Some guy in Texas named Matthew decides he knows what’s best for every woman

The Republican Party’s obsession with controlling women has no bounds. A guy named Matthew in Texas decided that he knows what’s best for every woman so, he is trying to make the FDA approved abortion pill mifepristone, unlawful.

Donald Trump’s divine intervention anointed Matthew a “judge” and ever since Matthew was smeared with that sanctified snake oil, he has vowed to impose his ultra conservative beliefs on all women. Matthew’s draconian decision is from 1873, to completely eliminate a right granted to women in 1973. Ah, 1873, when men were men and women were whatever men told them to be.

Next, Matthew plans to make menopause medication unlawful, as he believes any woman who sweats that much, must have an unholy association with the fire and brimstone of hell. Also, he sees no use for women who can no longer make babies.

Let’s be fruitful and multiply our support for Democrats. Amen.

1873 – 1973