Dream-Reality Confusion Prompts Plane of Thugs Story

After accidentally falling asleep while watching television, Donald inadvertently pressed buttons on his TV remote, causing the channel to change without his knowledge. As Donald slipped in and out of stage 2 non-REM sleep, while dispatching a series of Tweets, he was unable to distinguish between the fictional news channel he regularly watches, and the fictional film, Soul Plane, that was airing on his television. Conflating, and confusing, the film Soul Plane with his favorite friendly news channel, Donald created his own “newsy story” which he would later describe as: a plane of thugs. Donald was so impressed by his fictional “plane of thugs” storyline, he decided to present it to the world, calling for an investigation into the plane of thugs, proposing executive action to make it a crime for white people to feel uncomfortable, as well as an investigation into Nashawn Wade. Although Nashawn Wade is a fictional character from the film, Soul Plane, played by Kevin Hart, Donald insists Nashawn Wade is in the country illegally, and is demanding to see his birth certificate. Donald doubled down on his “newsy story” revealing, that the person he refused to identify is named Mr. Hunkee. Donald claims it was Mr. Hunkee, who shared the alleged first hand account of being on the plane full of thugs, and the heroing experience of being comfortable. Donald praised Mr. Hunkee as a hero, and is planning to present Mr. Hunkee with a Presidential Medal of Freedom in the Rose Garden. Tom Arnold was contacted by Donald’s staff, to accept the award on Mr. Hunkee’s behalf.

Donald’s dream-reality confusion prompts plane of thugs story.

he·roing /ˈhirōing/ verb: exaggerating events to elevate one’s sense of bravery despite the action not being heroic at all.

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