Stop Accepting Gun Violence as Par for the course

March For Our Lives won the 2018 International Children’s Peace Prize. David Hogg, Emma González, Jaclyn Corin and Matt Deitsch received the award in Cape Town, South Africa from Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

We cannot forget the urgency of tangible action on gun legislation, we must enact gun laws that protect human beings. Although we are inundated with breaking news, we cannot place gun law legislation in the rear view mirror. We must keep pushing forward, stay focused, and stop accepting gun violence as par for the course.

Sandy Hook Promise, formed by family members of victims in the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass murder, released a video ‘Point of View’ to encourage people to identify warning signs and signals of gun violence and intercede.

Let’s work together, engage, vote and hold elected officials accountable. We are all connected, make the connection with empathy not ammunition.



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