Snob Free Zone

Let’s collectively banish snobbery, particularly as it relates to judging, or more pointedly, shaming the job one works to earn a living and pay bills. Do not give oxygen to ridiculing a person that rents versus owning a home – listening in silence buttresses snobbery. Speak up.

Stop the endeavor to shame anyone working at a dispensary, grocery store or as an Uber driver. Earnestly working or getting your side hustle on is not a calling card for denigration. Snobbery is not a good look. I concede, it hits a nerve when I observe Pretension’s B.F.F. Snobbery, seeking to overshadow the grace of humility. Having experienced a career path not sustaining as planned, I genuinely identify with a pivot in jobs in order to pay bills.

While watching FallBack Friday on The Beat with Ari Melber, my feelings regarding snobbery were beautifully articulated by Peggy Noonan, as she graced the screen with Andre Leon Talley, whom I adore, my son and I cherish every page of A.L.T. 365. Peggy Noonan and Andre Leon Talley exemplified the importance of acknowledging who you are and valuing the freedom to be who you are.

Wearing what reflects my personality and mood is something (I say humbly) brings joy into the day, and it’s a confidence-test to receive side eye, expressing a withering attitude conveying, “Who does she think she is?” In the past, I allowed this to impact my choices, I changed part of myself, via what I wore. It was “Dreckitude!”

Snob is a noun, defined as a person with an exaggerated respect for high social position or wealth who seeks to associate with social superiors and dislikes people or activities regarded as lower-class. However, I also realize snobbery isn’t only about monetary worth, it is an attempt to call into question your self-worth, by trying to make you feel inferior. Snobbery only works when we give it power.

Whether you step out in a ball gown or sweatpants, do it with the intent to be who you are. Let us not fall prey to presuming a person’s measure by the uniform they wear to work. You may have your name on your shirt, your cubicle or on your own building and be an intelligent, good person.

“Being chic is not an indication that you are shallow, being frumpy is not an indication you are serious. You have the freedom to be any number of things. Be what you want to be.” Peggy Noonan

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