“Humor is good. Humor, for lack of a better word, works.”

Today the funeral of President George H. W. Bush took place at Washington National Cathedral, the room resinated with laughter and smiles, as the life of the 41st American President was honored. Through smiles and sincere comedic delivery, a thousand point life was remembered with the honesty of love.

If you do nothing else in life, stop and smile. Laugh at yourself and find levity in the human experience. We are all connected, laughter is what we share with one another. There are so many ways to serve while walking this planet, comedy is a cherished method of service. Humor is intended to deliver honesty, not hurt. I can only hope when my vessel expires on Earth, it is laughter that is expressed.

“Humor is the universal solvent against the abrasive elements of life. That’s what humor is.” Alan K. Simpson, Former Wyoming Senator

“He loved a laugh. Especially at himself. He could tease and needle, but never out of malice. He placed great value on a good joke. That’s why he chose Simpson to speak.” George W. Bush, Son

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