Pseudo Sisterhood Serves No One

It is said that women make better leaders, that the world be better off with women at the helm. How will sisterhood be successful if that sisterhood is infected with sabotage instead of support for one another? Too often support is predicated on sorority over substance. Perhaps if women stopped diminishing other women because she loves who she wants to love, or because she rents instead of owning her home, or because she chooses to not have children, or because she is the decision maker about her own body, or because she chooses to raise children instead of an IPO, or if she alters her vessel how she sees fit, or because of how she speaks, or because she has certain followers, or because she has the right amount of “likes,” or because she chooses not to believe in the god you believe in…if we would truly allow one another the space to be ourselves, without the strangulation of the prescribed pseudo sisterhood of semantics or spiritual superiority, we would indeed be leading the world. The next time you find yourself ready to drink from the goblet of gossip, or take action to destroy, discredit, and devalue another human being, ask yourself why you are doing so? Go ahead and judge – but don’t equate your judgement as being justice. Pseudo Sisterhood serves no one.

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