Our Votes Will Serve As Donald’s Eviction Notice

Donald is doing what he’s always done to get what he wants, litigating lies and exploiting laws. Suing is Donald’s tantrum of choice, he cheats to protect himself at all times, at all costs, destroying anything in his path, including democracy. Look at his life. Look at how he lives his life. Donald has never thought rules apply to him. Axios is reporting that Donald is planning to walk to a podium on November 3, and declare himself the winner. There are no Republican “profiles in courage,” no Republican cavalry is coming to save America. Donald wouldn’t even met with Captain America – for fuck’s sake it’s Chris Evans. We are on our own folks. We either fall like Belarus, or rise like the beautiful badass Americans we are, and vote Benedict Donald out. We are voting in record numbers. We got this. We are not losers and suckers, we support the US military, not Donald’s militia. We are not pussies for Donald to grab. We are not distracted by Donald’s carnival of crazy comprised of his “medical” advisors – the demon seed lady, and the guy who’s not an infectious disease expert but plays one on TV. We will not drink cough syrup Kool-aid with Donald and Lil’ Wayne. We are not buying the magic beans Donald and Ivanka are desperately trying to sell. The People are voting in mass much to the chagrin of Donald’s Republican Party. Donald has never truly been held accountable for his actions – that’s about to change. Folks across the nation are facing eviction during a pandemic that Donald has made worse with each day he is in the White House. Our votes will serve as Donald’s eviction notice.

Mask up and vote.

“Our future cannot depend on the government alone. The ultimate solutions lie in the attitudes and the actions of the American people.” Joe Biden

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