Next time you see a kid, apologize for the planet adults may leave them

Agencies and foundations are dedicated to the “protection” of children; feeding the children, clothing the children, entertaining the children, and praying for the children. Turns out, what the children actually need, is a planet to live on, and powerful adults are actively destroying this vital necessity, Earth.

Reporting from Alexandra Patillo, at Inverse, details the dire conditions, the children have to look forward to. A shorter lifespan and escalation of illness, are elements to the radioactive inheritance, being passed down to children. Time is running out to implement impactful environmental enterprise, gestures at this point, will not due.

Therefore, the next time you see a kid, apologize for the planet they may inherit, through no fault of their own. While demonstrating your contrition, tell the child a story about how in your day, you did things like breathe outside, drink water, and played on green surfaces called grass, with big things that grew up through the grass, called trees. Kids love story time, and clean water. Regrettably, they may end up with just a story, because time is running out.

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