“Soldiers will risk their lives to save children, policemen will, firemen will, but Senators won’t risk their seat to save the childrens lives. That’s really disgraceful.” Jim Cavanaugh, Retired ATF Specialist

Sage words from Jim Cavanaugh:

“You have to have Senators that would put the lives of America’s children before their Seanate seat.” Jim Cavanaugh, Retired ATF Specialist

“I stand with the kids, the young people from Parkland, the March For Our Lives group, and I would say to Mitch McConnel, OK Boomer, put the bills on the floor. Why are you afraid to let the bills be voted on, and debated on the floor of the Senate? That’s the most unAmerican thing that I can think of.” Jim Cavanaugh, Retired ATF Specialist

Senators value their Senate seats over the lives of children. An A+ rating from the NRA is a red flag. Voting has the potential to overpower violence. We must vote for lawmakers to literally enact gun reform, not liaisons for the NRA.

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