Joaquin Phoenix is an Ally

Joaquin Phoenix spoke truth, while in a position of power –  systematic racism is evident, rampant, and real. The BAFTA’s didn’t know what hit em’ when Joaquin stepped to the mic, and laid out facts, systematic racism, and sexism must be dismantled, not by the generations of white men who built it, rather by the white men who reinforce it, who maintain its operation, and by those whom benefit from it. Joaquin is not only a leading actor, he’s leading white men, to awareness, about their privilege, and their benefit, from systematic racism. It was revelatory information for the British audience of former colonizers.

Joaquin is the definition of an Ally. He and Tim Wise should go on tour, to educate, raise awareness, and inspire action, to end racism and sexism, by talking to other white men.

We will not achieve equality without white men standing with us, not on our backs. White men whom are aware, not arrogant. White men whom are willing to accept accountability, not accolades. All white men are not the enemy, we need to concentrate on the orange, white man, currently in the Oval Office. Focus. There is no room for neutrality on equality.

Ally: al·ly /ˈalī/ verb; from the Latin, alligare, meaning “to bind to,” act together; combine or unite a resource; side with or support. 

BAFTA 2020, Joaquin Phoenix, Leading Actor acceptance speech.


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