The Caucasian Caucus in Iowa

The Caucasian Caucus in Iowa, where the demographic is approximately, 91% white, 3% Black, and 4% Hispanic, has a heavy influence on who becomes the Democratic Party nominee. Iowa is not at all representative of the Democratic Party, or America. Yet, Democrats running for President yield residency to Iowa, vying for the bona fide Caucasian Caucus stamp of approval. Yep, white people continue to oversee, yet another self-appointed privilege, voting. The white vote clearly counts more than anyone else’s, even in the Democratic Party’s so-called rainbow, woman powered, holistic, diversity loving, tent. You can’t be the party against voter suppression, and support the Iowa Caucus, just because you love the “tradition” of white people gathering in gymnasiums to politely debate about candidates with their neighbors, and get misty eyed at the thought of folks making cows out of butter. Face it, the Iowa Caucus, is pretty much voter suppression, in the Democratic Party.

Stop romanticizing voter suppression, in any form, this includes the crochet, state fair, hug your neighbor crowd in America’s Midwest. Iowa appears to have a lot of “nice” white people, yet Black people should not have to take a backseat, we are viable voters. We have earned the right to vote, and have our votes count. Black people are bona fide voters, not permanent backup singers, you call upon to carry a mediocre lead singer, who is off key. The Iowa Caucus is not inclusive. White people are not the only viable voters. Nothing against Iowa, the Burr oak is a beautiful tree, but damn, may we move past these bias voting systems? Not all traditions need to continue, instead of passing the Caucasian Caucus in Iowa down to another generation, try a new tradition, inclusivity, count all votes equally. Democrats, focus. We need to harmonize, perform a concise program, and get “Agent Orange” out of The People’s House. Keep your eyes on the prize.

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