Ivanka doesn’t believe Donald either

In case y’all missed it, Ivanka doesn’t believe Donald either. In fact, she knows he didn’t win the election. Not sure which is heavier for Ivanka, the weight of her father’s shared lies or the bus she picked up to throw him under. As predicted, Ivanka is looking out for Ivanka. Donald is looking out for Donald, and Republicans are looking out for their re-election bids and the NRA. Hopefully, the DOJ is looking out for America and actually holds the former President/GOP mob boss accountable for his calculated cluster fuck of a coup. My vote is for America, but then again, voting is just something we people whine about…at least according to Jared, the Valedictorian of Virtue Signaling. Alas, democracy is not out of the white supremacy woods yet. Please America, tune in and pay attention, these hearings may not have the sexy storyline or star power of Big Little Lies, but they are about the big lie and there’s nothing little about that.

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