White Supremacists Gone Wild

It was wild white supremacist Wednesday in America. While carrying Confederate flags, pipe bombs, nooses, and wearing MAGA hats, anti-Semitic shirts, camouflage, and draped in Trump flags, armed white supremacists followed orders from their deranged Grand Wizard Donald. The “President” activated his MAGA forces of white supremacy from being on stand by, into action, with a mission to stop democracy, and derail the lawful certification of Joe Biden’s presidential win. Donald lead a coup, and because he and his MAGA followers are white, they are being provided the white glove treatment. One does not have to be rich to benefit from white privilege, we see it everyday, and it was on full display at the nation’s capitol. Without fear or hesitation, MAGA white supremacists stormed the Capitol of the United States of America, chased police officers, hung a noose, and seemed to know exactly where to go. It was more than curious to see that the MAGA white supremacists appeared to have mapped out where the floor of the Senate was, as well as offices of elected officials. This coup was encouraged and planned from the top. It is foolish to ignore the high probability that this was an inside job, given the convenient absence of any formidable security protocols. How many clues do we need to see the obvious. It was the President, in the Oval Office, with a candlestick abusing power. The mob acted on Donald’s command, as did Republicans whom have obstructed democracy, pushed Donald’s election lies, tried to prevent the votes of Black people from counting, and attempted to stop the certification of the Biden-Harris win, even after the mob attacked the capitol.

The primarily white mob, comprised of veterans, hate groups, a tattooed centaur, and an elected official from West Virginia, had no fear of consequence from law enforcement, as they took selfie’s with police, fully overran police, destroyed offices, defiled the Senate floor, and even had barriers removed which allowed the mob to advance forward. Donald, the self anointed law and order guy, ensured there was no law or order to stop his insurrection. Donald encouraged domestic terrorism, and his accomplices assisted him. Donald did not act alone – police unions endorsed his campaign, and they appeared to endorse his insurrection plans, as they did little to nothing to stop the mob. Those officers who did try to act were overwhelmed by the violent mob. Donald’s lies will not end with this failed coup, white supremacy will not disappear with a Tweet or post, we have to tell people the truth, and hold Donald accountable. America has historically given confederates a pardon, that cannot happen this time.

Donald and his law and order endorsers have no problem disbursing a crowd, we saw how Black Lives Matter protesters were treated. We saw Lafayette Park cleared, as Donald walked to his photo op alongside Ivanka, and military leaders in fatigues. We saw unmarked vans with unmarked “soldiers” in combat gear kidnapping Americans off the street during Black Lives Matter protests. Black people are shot and killed for simply being in their own house, while white people are allowed to attack the People’s House. America’s racism was on full display for all to see, MAGA white supremacists acted with confidence as they stormed the capitol, they acted without fear of consequence – they acted as though they were supreme to all, because that’s what many white people think – that America and everything in it belongs solely to them. Watching Donald’s MAGA rally and the white supremacists who stormed the capitol, was like watching a klan rally. Even as MAGA white supremacists were storming the capitol, Donald said that he loved them and thinks they’re special. Ivanka called the mob of white supremacists, American patriots.

Donald inciting an insurrection was going to happen, we saw it coming. Not only did Donald send out a “Save The Date” for a wild Wednesday event, his racist campaign and his entire presidency has been leading up to carnage at the capitol. Yet, time and time again, his enablers used lofty language, and tip toed over facts to fulfill Donald’s deranged fantasies, and it must stop. Donald and everyone who enabled his actions must be held accountable. No more “talk” about how bad Donald is, no more “excuses” for his actions, no more “strongly worded Tweets” from a hand full of Republicans, no more performative acts, Donald must actually be held accountable. No more praise for “guardrails” staying in the Trump Administration, these “guardrails” were there when Donald instructed his MAGA white supremacists to storm the capitol. Those who stood by him, covered up for him, helped him commit crimes, and those who said nothing while knowing what he was doing must be held accountable. Call them all out, or antidemocratic and racist actions will grow in number. We must make domestic terrorism a federal crime, and in the meantime, we need to find out why the capitol police stood down, and allowed MAGA white supremacists to storm the People’s House. Maybe Donald asked his law and order buddies with the Capitol Police, National Guard, and DOJ to stand back, and stand by, to achieve a security failure so his mob could breach the capitol. Because a mob with melanin would have been “greeted” in an entirely different manner.

If calling for and orchestrating insurrection isn’t enough to loose your job as President of the United States of America, or as an elected official, what is? Donald and his accomplices must be held accountable. You cannot say no man is above the law, while allowing Donald and his accomplices to live and operate above the law.

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