“I alone can fix it.” He alone can f*ck it up

Donald is doing it again, dividing people with the advancement of racism. Distracting people with abnormal actions, and deceiving people with false stories and deliberate lies. If it takes racism to strengthen and solidify your base, then your base is racist. Do not forget, Putin is in Trump’s base. Trump is dependent on Russia and racism to take the Oval office, again. The Republican Senate, lead by Moscow Mitch, does not want to secure elections for a reason, it benefits Trump to have Russian backing at the ballot box. Republicans are desperate to engineer minority rule, Republicans cannot win with a constitutional, one person, one vote, level playing field. Therefore, Republicans engage voter suppression and welcome Kremlin hacking, as the GRU operates with free reign, while the GOP sits in silence, knowing election data in 50 states was infiltrated by Russians. Putin truly recruited the right fit talent, when he selected Donald. After reviewing a plethora of resumes, searching job boards, conducting hours of interviews, Putin found his guy, and Donald has given Putin, the Mother Box.

Progressive people must not be afraid of the word revolution. Black people marrying white people was once revolutionary, women owning property was once revolutionary, Black people and women voting was revolutionary (still is to some). Revolution is probably not appealing when you are at the top of the food chain, as rich white men are in America, when you are allowed to be the referee, while also bet on the game. It’s easy to tell everyone else to wait, to tell everyone else not advance revolutionary ideas, like equity in pay, free access to health care, or higher education. It’s easy to say, let’s put climate change, reparations, and gun reform on the back burner. It’s easy to simply hide behind a veil of political correctness, as a means of justifying one’s words and actions. Yet, lives are at stake, people of color do not have the luxury of shielding our actions by decrying, “It’s politically correctness gone amok.” So, stop defaulting to that comfortable crutch because you’re too fragile to take a factual excavation of your actions. Injecting political correctness or patriotism, as justification for racism, bigotry, sexism, or homophobia is irresponsible, arrogant and delusional.

Donald continues to control and dictate pretty much everything he wants, like, denying science, concealing his taxes, lining his pockets with the Presidency, mind control of the Republican Senate, transparency with security clearances, judicial appointments, discrediting sexual assault allegations, and even a Democratic Congress, who thus far refuse to officially impeach his impeachable offenses. It’s no secret there is a different set of “rules” for rich white people in America, however Trump takes the cake, and the cake is comprised primarily of racism, with a decadent ganache greed filling, and covered in a fondant of piety for presentation. We are living in an America where a 10 year old Black kid can be charged with aggravated assault, for hitting a white kid with a ball, during a game of dodge ball, on the playground, while Donald Trump, whom has credible criminal actions levied against him, arrogantly occupies the Oval office.

Revolutionary ideas ensure humanity moves forward, encourages reflection from all perspectives, not only from those occupying ivory towers, or ivory skin. So, let’s put revolutionary ideas into law, like banning assault weapons, require firearms be registered (you have to register cars), make domestic terrorism a federal crime, require schools to teach Black history, teach the terrorism, tribes native to America, experienced (teaching American history only from the white perspective isn’t working) make access to health care available to all (not just those who can afford it). And while we’re at it, enact fines for those who start decoration for Christmas in July. This is not about a revolutionary violent coup, this is about an America that can no longer only work in favor of and benefit for white men, Donald is a prime example of this. White people can no longer conveniently hide behind political correctness, with the arrogant outcry that Black people are being hypersensitive, micro aggressions aren’t real, domestic terrorism isn’t truly an issue, think Black people are inherently scary and suspect, or that somehow people of color are not as “American” as white people. We are all connected, don’t fall for the fear placebo, what hurts one human will hurt all. To put in financial terms, if your neighbor’s property value falls, so will yours. Connection. Let’s work together, get over our egos, it’s a false assertion that we need to fear one another, that’s exactly what Putin, the wanna be Steppenwolf, is counting on, fear.

Distract, Divide, Deceive, Donald is Deconstructing Democracy.

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