Mayday Call Answered: May 1st All Adults Eligible for COVID-19 Vaccine

President Joe Biden announced that all adults will be eligible for COVID-19 vaccination by May 1st. Everyone must get vaccinated, COVID-19 is ravaging America, over a half million souls gone, as lives are ripped apart by the pandemic. With people still trying to piece themselves back together, the COVID relief bill will serve as a pivotal resource in the reconstruction. Americans sent out a mayday call. President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris answered the call. Democrats came through with a COVID relief bill that will uplift Americans, who through no fault of their own, lost livelihoods and loved ones. Democrats are literally lifting Americans out of poverty. Not one Republican answered the call, not one Republican voted for the COVID relief bill. Yet oddly, they’re acting like they did.

President Biden stepped up to the Presidential plate, and delivered on massive rescue relief. After all the death, pain, and isolation, the Biden Administration took tangible action to advance all Americans to get past this virus…we are almost there. We need to “Keep on pushing,” as Curtis Mayfield sang. Mask up, keep your distance, and listen to science, it’s not political, it’s pragmatic – science will save your life on this one. July 4th we could actually be celebrating with one another, we are nearing the end of this deadly virus, we all just have to do our part, mask up and get vaccinated. As President Joe Biden put it during his prime time address to the nation, “After this long hard year, that will make this Independence Day something truly special, where we not only mark our independence as a nation, but we begin to mark our independence from this virus.”

COVID-19 has undeniably revealed systematic racism, and the grasp white supremacy has on all levels in the chain of command. The world witnessed an insurrection, as a violent seditious mob of MAGA followers stormed the US Capitol at the direction of Donald, he encouraged and enabled the insurrection with a lie. Donald’s lies are vast and voluminous, he lied about COVID-19, it did not magically disappear, masks do limit the spread of the highly infectious airborne virus, and bleach should not be consumed. Donald did little to help his fellow citizens, whether he was using racist language to describe the virus, or demanding that COVID testing stop, the outcome of his COVID “response” resulted in people dying. Journalists revealed that Donald was vaccinated in secret, just another example of his deception. Despite Donald being vaccinated, he pushed vaccine lies, and let people die. The lethal combination of Donald’s ego, lies, and the Republican Party abdication of service to the country resulted in a brutal year.

COVID-19 is a horror, and as with most horror films, Black people die first. However, this highly infectious deadly disease is not fiction, it is taking down Black people, and our brown brothers and sisters en masse. COVID-19 has hit Black and brown people particularly hard, we are dying at higher rates while receiving far fewer vaccines. Republicans have no compassion, conscience, or care for people killed by COVID-19. It’s as though Republicans have taken the side of the virus, just look at Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who reached into the crack of his ass and pulled out some really crazy shit, then spread it all over the airways. Greg seems to “think” that COVID-19 is the fault of migrants sent to Texas by President Biden. Wonder who sent the white Biden tshirts to people at the border? And bonus, Greg also thinks masks and social distancing are not needed. Texas is not doing well with COVID-19, yet the main area of importance to Greg, as with most Republicans, is to please Donald by undermining the Presidency of Biden, even if it means sacrificing the health of Americans. The pseudo “presidency” operating in a golden palace embedded in the orange groves of Florida, is sabotaging President Joe Biden from the comfort of a golf course, by instructing his seditious soldiers still in the Republican Party, to impede the Biden Administration on COVID-19.

All actions have consequences, and some consequences are deadly, like lying about a highly infectious disease. To ignore public health, and ignore public safety in favor of politics is deadly, lying to the American people by saying, COVID-19 is a hoax, is an exercise of hubris over honor. Don’t forget, the same guy who stated, “I alone can fix it,” is the same guy who fucked it up – he pushed the lie that wearing a mask doesn’t help, he pushed the lie that people can be in crowds, he ignored science while knowing that this highly infectious disease was airborne, he lied to us about the lethality of COVID-19. President Joe Biden is transparent about COVID-19, he literally asked every American to help one another in order to get past the virus – no, “I alone can fix it,” empty macho bravado. President Biden did not demand his name be on checks Americans are receiving via the COVID relief bill. President Biden expresses empathy for the lives taken by the virus, he connects with people. Turns out, extending humanity to human beings, is actually a good thing, it propels people forward.

Americans joined together in sending out a mayday call. Our distress signal was answered by President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. The Biden Administration is ushering in honesty, competence, science, justice, economic equity, and an end to COVID-19. Give ’em some time, they’ve only been on the crime scene for a few weeks, and accomplices to the crime are still on the US payroll, and still walking the halls of the US capitol. Biden-Harris didn’t receive the peaceful transition of power provided to their predecessors, and were undeterred, they hit the ground running for the People, and clearly have no plans to stop serving the People anytime soon.

535,758 people didn’t have to die.

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