Donald demanded and received his “enemies” personal data

Like a dictator demanding to know who their enemies are talking to, Donald Trump demanded and received the phone records of journalists, members of Congress, and their families including minor children. The Department of Justice under Trump seized personal account data information from Apple, as well as phone records of reporters. America is not a democracy free zone, although the GOP has not given up on trying to make it one.

Who else had their data seized by Donald? The DOJ under the Trump Administration operated like Donald’s personal law firm – monitoring Donald’s “enemies” by taking the authoritarian steps of instituting gag orders and seizing data from folks Donald didn’t like. What data from private citizens did Donald monitor and investigate? Who else had their phone records secretly seized? Was it just phone records or did they listen to phone calls as well?

Look out Hollywood, it’s only a matter of time until it’s revealed that the DOJ also seized celebrity data. And we all know how pissed Donald is about his Emmy snub, yet another example of “rigged” voting that kept Donald from winning. McCarthyism ain’t got nothing on Donald Trump – gag orders, blackmail, and espionage oh my. When Donald Trump said the press was the enemy of the people – he meant it, Donald says the darnedest things, which by the way is the title of my next project. How Donald gets elected officials to obey him may have more to do with the dirt he has on them instead of their loyalty to him.

The actions of Bill Barr are far worse than simply being Donald’s Roy Cohn as Barr was not Donald’s personal attorney, he was suppose to uphold the rule of law to protect the American people. Barr failed the DOJ, he failed the rule of law, and he failed America. Everyone and every action taken in Trump’s DOJ needs to be reviewed and examined. From Jeffery Beauregard Sessions, to Barr’s predecessor, acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, remember that guy?

Transparency and trust must be restored at the DOJ, and continuing to defend Donald in a defamation suit against E. Jean Carroll, isn’t a solid step on the path toward redemption.

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