Magnetic Field of Falsehoods

No, the COVID vaccine will not make you magnetized.

This fact didn’t stop Dr. Sheri Tenpenny in Ohio from falsely claiming that the COVID vaccine makes people magnetic. Yep, her last name is Tenpenny, no word yet on if this impacts her magnetism. Again, the COVID vaccine will not make you magnetic.

However, the magnetic power of MAGA falsehoods apparently has a strong pull on some…

Yes, there are lots of questions:

What was the first metal object to attach to your body? Are you ever able to remove the tin foil hat? Does everyone ask you to hold their keys? Will you be deployed to haystacks around the globe to locate needles? What will you do with all the loose change that clings to you when you sit on a sofa? Are you denied entry at hardware stores? Magnets can both repel and attract each other, have you ever been magnetically stuck to someone, how did you detach? How long is your lunch break?

Don’t let lies about the COVID vaccine pull you away from living. Get vaccinated, please.

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