Bagpipe Billy Barr

Black folks are aware of the profound injustices within the justice system. We know systematic racism, built the foundation for a judicial system, that has consistently denied fair, and equal justice for all citizens, particularly citizens whom are of a darker hue. Recently, the rule of law, or more specifically, the adjudicator, has been placed under the spotlight, and rightfully so, as Attorney General Barr, is destroying the rule of law, to please, and appease, Donald Trump. The Department of Justice, under William Barr, is investigating Trump foes, while protecting Trump friends. The DOJ even created an “intake process” for the conspiracy theory rectum files of Rudy, Trump’s personal attorney, part-time diplomat, full-time fixer, and accomplice. This type of “leadership” only makes sense in an era of the Roman Empire. However, it’s not 54 A.D. when Christians were being fed to lions, as done by Emperors in acncient Rome, now Christians like Donnie Jr. and Eric Trump, shoot lions for fun. The Trump boys are not gladiators by any stretch of the imagination, as modern gladiators, were created by Shonda Rhimes, on Scandal, thank you Kerry Washington.

No matter the issue, drug abuse, clean water, or the rule of law, par for the course, it’s not important until it impacts white people, specifically, rich and middle class white people. On the whole, Black people have experienced first hand, the fraud, and failure within the justice system. For Black people, justice has not been blind, it has been bias. Partiality, jury tampering, judges ruling in favor of friends and colleagues, is historically something Black people experience, while white people usually learn of these mass injustices through a “feel good film” where they simultaneously feel good, yet not guilty. The film is typically a “period piece” to avoid any accountability, or even the hint of personal benefit on the part of white people, as they prefer to point the finger, not be pointed at.

Alas, now, white people are throwing labels of political party, and skin pigmentation, to the wind, and are having a “Break Glass In Case of Emergency” moment. Everyone (except cult Trump) realizes what Billy Barr is doing, destroys the rule of law, each day he is allowed to continue as America’s Trump’s Attorney General. If the rule of law is destroyed, bye, bye democracy, hello autocracy, where anyone who is not part of the cult, may be audited, arraigned, or arrested, nothing is below the barr for Trump. Thus far, more than 2,000 Ex-DOJ officials have called for Barr to resign. This is serious. All Americans must stand together for democracy. Barr don’t want the smoke. The rule of law in America, is literally being dismantled on Barr’s watch, in order to personally, and politically benefit Trump. Time to stop the madness.

It is believed, Nero, the last Roman Emperor of the Julio-Claudian dynasty, a man known for his erratic temper, extravagance, and cruelty (he’s the guy who fed Christians to lions) played the bagpipes as Ancient Rome burned to the ground. Whether or not Nero, was a piper (a bagpipe player) or, if he actually played the bagpipes as the city burned, is a thing of folklore. However, the actions of William Barr, burning down the rule of law, is happening in reality, this is not folklore, and yes, Barr is playing the bagpipes while justice is aflame.

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