Be Happy Be Gay, it’s St. Patrick’s Day

Patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick, is celebrated, March 17, with parades, green couture, and of course Irish inspired culinary confections. Vice President, Mike Pence, hosted Ireland’s Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar, and his partner, Dr. Matt Barrett for breakfast on Thursday, along with Pence’s sister, Annie, to kick off St. Patrick holiday festivities.

Pence’s “Mother-Wife” Karen, was not in attendance for the photo op that followed. No word yet on if Pence attempted conversion therapy on the couple, at the conclusion of the meal, in honor of Saint Patrick, who is said to have converted the Irish to Christianity.

A glittered gold shamrock to Pence for acknowledging a gay couple and dining openly. Nonetheless, creating “religious freedom” to justify bigotry and discrimination is wrong. Sashay away.

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