1 Person + 1 Vote = Democracy

Imagine, if at the end of a hard-fought game (pick your sport) the team that scored the most points, was not declared the winner, and instead a select group of people decided who won? America, it’s time to seriously take action to remove the electoral college. Every vote should count equally. Senator, Elizabeth Warren, is one of many, to bring this issue to the forefront. Review past Presidential elections, the team with the most votes didn’t always get the hard earned win, the electoral college (or Supreme Court) overturned the choice of the people. Curiously, those opposed to maturing past America’s vestige of slavery, the electoral college, are largely Republican. Hmmm…the same Republican party that injected steroids into gerrymandering to select voters, instead of the democratic process of having voters elect representatives. Why do Republicans continue to hold back voting rights for some citizens? The examples of voter suppression are plentiful across the nation, largely impacting Black Americans and the poor. America, stop protecting the pillars of slavery (a.k.a. white privilege) in the electoral college, and start protecting democracy.

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