Alma mater

Hindsight is 20/20, telling the kids, “Go play,” while attempting to party like you did in college, won’t go well, Debbie Griswold, like many of us, found this out the hard way. However, don’t beat yourself up too much, there are plenty of people, whom are more than happy to do it for you, on the judgmental jungle gym. Smile.

As a reminder, women work – minimal social outings may consist of lunch with friends, family dinners, school functions, or the occasional date night. Therefore, reminiscing about college or simply enjoying a night out, is all fun, until we are reminded, by the senescence of our own body, why “college” partying is passé, there are many things we just don’t have a high tolerance for anymore, like mansplaining, Jägermeister and MD 20/20.

To fully revel with spirits and effervescence is fine, simply avoid “college” party reboot time. Trust and believe, it’s better to be an alma mater, instead of an alma-inebriated mater. Humbly stated, we’re too grown to “college” party, and how grateful we all should be, for every credit hour of life experience earned. We have achieved our degree, in grown-ass womanhood. Yet, be mindful, flaunting your BA (Bad Ass), as it is not the same for all moms. Moms with melanin, have a higher probability that a DA (District Attorney), will find faux fault with our revel. Yes, Black women have dual degrees (BA; Bad Ass, BA; Black Ass). Having said that, let’s encourage all women to equally revel, sans the kids, (if we so chose), and without any guilt.

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