In Human Hands

Fellow Earthlings,

The planet is being suffocated by human activity, Earth is unable to breathe, due to actions by human hands. We must put climate action first, even in light of the dire concerns we face, at this point in time. There are fundamental issues, we humans must acknowledge, and take action on. Yet, if we do not take immediate action on the monumental planetary issues we currently face, there will not be a planet to fuss and fight, or build finance on, no more arguments regarding racism, sexism, poverty, who wore it better, or which comedian to Twitter attack due to an allergic reaction to satire or laughter. Our house, Earth, is falling apart, and on fire, the rooms are filling with smoke, as Earthlings argue. Climate disaster is real. Let’s put the fire out first, the mounting environmental issues requiring action will not yield passive consequences.

Warmest (literally) regards,

Carbon based life form

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