Yes, She Can.

Well, it’s been another historic week for global news, and I think we all could use a glass of wine, or a can of wine, or perhaps an entire oak barrel of wine. I am all about supporting women, especially Black women who make wine. McBride Sisters Wine Collection, was created by Robin and Andrea McBride, the sisters have an exceptional story about how they became family. The two sisters grew up on opposite sides of the world, one sister in Monterey, California and one sister in Marlborough, New Zealand, not knowing the other existed, each sister thought she was an only child. After the death of their father, the sisters became aware of one another through the family grapevine, then one uncle watched an episode of the Oprah Winfrey Show, about how to track people down, using private detectives (think back to a time preceding the internet and social media) shortly thereafter, Robin and Andrea met in New York, realized a shared passion for winemaking, and have applied Black Girl Magic, to close the gap in the male dominated wine industry. And speaking of Black Girl Magic, yes, The McBride Sisters Wine Collection, also includes Black Girl Magic wines, full disclosure, I purchased McBride Sisters Black Girl Magic wine, as gifts for my girlfriends, they loved the wine. Let’s support the dreams in one another. Black Girl Magic comes in Riesling, Rose, and a Red. Momentarily, tune out the news, and relax with a glass, or can of wine.

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