Black Voters Targeted by Russian Troll Farm, More Than Any Demographic

Black people are not only fighting racism deeply rooted in the terra of thought in America, Black people are fighting Russian troll farms, which targeted Black Americans at a significantly higher rate, in comparison to any other demographic in the 2016 election. The intention of Russian interference in American elections was to suppress the Black vote, polarize Americans, electing Donald Trump. Full stop. From Macon to Moscow, the GOP and GRU are continuing efforts to reinforce Black voter suppression, detour Black people from voting, and disenfranchise Black voters nationwide. The GOP efforts are reflected through hollow deeds, with subdued gesture to eliminate future election interference from Russia, or any foreign country, in American elections, protecting all votes and all voters; it’s reflected in the GRU with continued attacks targeting Black voters, as well as voters across the nation, to again “elect” the GRU preferred candidate, Donald Trump in the 2020 election. Black people must keep the fight for equal rights front and center, with all Americans of every hue as an Ally in the fight. White Americans, it is time for rigorous soul excavation, delve into your Caucasian cavity, what side of history will you choose to be on? Racism, whether it’s from Kentucky or the Kremlin, is having a devastating impact on democracy. The┬áCaucasian consequence of silence and inaction, will be an unmitigated catastrophe for every soul in the country, a lack of melanin will not protect you if politics of fear and vengeance prevail. An America cleansed of its conscience and Constitution, will inevitably be the cataclysm of democracy. Join forces to kick the abutment of Russia’s obtrusion, in America. Polarized People don’t Prosper.

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