Woman Who Flipped Off Trump’s Motorcade Won Election

Remember the woman who, while riding her bicycle, had a “middle finger up” moment, as Trump’s motorcade returned from “executive time” at the golf course, then she was fired for it? Well, that woman is Juli Briskman, and Juli won an election in Virginia, without soliciting help from a foreign country to damage her opponent. Juli Briskman, is now an elected official. Somewhere, there‘s a Black woman, who rolled her eyes, upon seeing the pale and privileged, returning from vacation, creating a great convocation, about their golden tan, country club clan, and lucrative portfolio investment valuation. Yet, there is no viral sensation, for a Black woman’s hue of exasperation. Juli, it appears, is fighting the good fight, not retreating with nescience, into the jaded jamboree of white flight. Perhaps her “middle finger up” was not just anger and cynicism, because there are people of color, who need true allies, to take action, working together, against racism and for humanity.


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