Don’t Drink the Water, on Airplanes

Airlines are literally stressing and squeezing passengers, by shrinking airline seat sizes, charging more for bags (fingers crossed your luggage actually arrives with you) and losing people’s pets. Not to mention, the reports of passengers being shamed for the clothes they wear on flights, ticket holders being removed at random, and cutting scenes from in-flight movies depicting lesbian love. For regular folks, who do not travel by private plane, flying may be difficult and disgusting. People maneuver minimal personal space, filled with support animals, malodorous passengers, while coughing, sneezing, and bodily secretions fill the cabin. As though it couldn’t get any worse, passengers may encounter toxic water on airlines. A study found, airlines expose people to unsafe water. The water airlines utilize for passenger beverages, tested positive for coliform and E. Coli, in addition, harmful bacteria was also found in water passengers utilize from faucets in airplane bathrooms, who would have thought washing your hands (on an airplane) would be unhealthy? Now we know why flight attendants don’t drink the water on airplanes. BYOW (bring your own water) and BYOHS (bring your own hand sanitizer). Place your seats and tray tables in their full upright position, don’t touch anything, and don’t breathe too deeply. From limited legroom to little lavatories, airlines are making travel loathsome, while the current Administration’s EPA, is wheels up, on E. Coli.

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