Wildlife Protected More Fiercely Than Black life

An endangered wolf was shot and killed in California. Armed game wardens wasted no time descending upon the crime scene to forcefully investigate. Protecting wildlife is taken seriously, as it should be. It is disgusting that protecting the life of a Black person is not treated with the same level of importance. Armed agents sent a clear message, do not hunt an endangered creature, killing wildlife will not be tolerated.

The Louisville officer who killed Breonna Taylor, as she slept in her home, lost his job months after Breonna Taylor was killed. A secret grand jury brought no homicide charges against the officers, although crimes against drywall were enforced. Breonna Taylor was killed on March 13. We are still waiting for justice.

The Department of Justice decided not to bring charges against the Cleveland officers who killed 12 year old Tamir Rice. Within seconds of seeing Tamir Rice, officers opened fire, killing Tamir Rice as he played at a park. Tamir Rice was killed in 2014. We are still waiting for justice.

What does it take for a Black life to be fiercely protected, does endangered wildlife need to be present? Black people are being hunted, the hunting season for our killing has no ending. Not even our homes can be considered our sanctuary, we are hunted in our habitat too.

endangered [inˈdānjərd, enˈdānjərd] adjective: open to attack; seriously at risk; in danger of being harmed.

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