Keep Your Tea Consumption Herbal Not Hateful

Among the New Year’s resolutions you are contemplating for 2021, may I humbly ask that you consider eliminating “tea” from your existence, or at a minimum not believe in it. By “tea” I mean gossip, rumor, tittle-tattle, and hearsay. Given the toxic times of “alternative facts,” and “truth is not truth,” that we are simultaneously trying to survive and recover from, we need to do our part to eliminate the urge to believe the “tea” presented to us. The “tea” people are sharing is bitter, filled with artificial sweeteners, and synthetic flavoring, it’s a brew of toxic chemicals, that’s harvested in tainted soil. People say a variety of things for a variety of reasons when spilling the “tea,” maybe it’s to reassure preconceived notions, conceal, exaggerate, create scandal, avoid scandal, to appear important, or just to hurt someone. The point is, most “tea” omits truth, it lacks the vibe of veracity. Truth is being denied, lost, and glossed over. Humans require truth to evolve.

We don’t have to be divided into camps of obedience pledging allegiance to the beliefs and likes of one specific camp. It would serve all of humanity if we evolved beyond the motto of, if one person in the camp hates someone, then all in the camp must hate that person too. Maybe consider getting to know the “hated” person from the “other” camp, get the facts, then make an informed decision. Granted, it is no easy task to disagree with comrades from your camp. So, make it a resolution for 2021 to be still, think, enact courage, and act. Have the courage to expand beyond your camp, perhaps collaborate with the “other” camps. It really doesn’t matter if people in the “other” camp are a different color, or worship a different god, or don’t worship at all. Be open to the possibility that you may actually like a person from the “other” camp despite the beliefs of your camp. Let’s keep our tea consumption herbal not hateful. Listen to the frequency of your antenna, we are all connected. If you are in the MAGA camp, please remove the tin foil, as it interrupts reception, blocking your frequency.

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