Why are public health officials so quiet?

Why are some public health officials so quiet, timid, even “cleaning up” Trump’s lies, and dangerous “medical” statements? Is everyone scared of Trump? Conquer your fear now, otherwise your integrity will quarantine without you. Speak out CDC, speak out doctors on the task force. Speak out now – be honest with the American people. Come to terms with the fact that the doctor’s oath to, “Serve humanity,” and, “Do no harm,” will hurt Trump’s ego. If Trump doesn’t have a mask, perhaps Dr. Birx could loan him a scarf, she appears to have a wonderful collection. Don’t shake his hand, or co-sign his non-mask wearing, fact hiding, selfish, chaos driven actions. Trump’s hubris is a hazard to public health. If it’s not clear by now, Donald only cares about Donald. The Trump Administration is running away from responsibility, and silence is allowing the escape. Stand up, lives are on the line. America requires facts. COVID-19 is killing at an alarming rate. Don’t just stand by, watching the push to “reopen America” without testing, contact tracing, or an organized safe plan. Every person in America deserves the truth. Stop enabling Donald Trump, and start empowering The People.

“I was not afraid of the words of the violent, but the silence of the honest.” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


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