Walking on Water

The season finale of Watchmen, Trieuly delivered, bonus, it appears we may see Angela Abar, played by Regina King, walking on water, an authentic HBIC. The question is, will the Black Goddess retain her beautiful complexion, or will Sister Night breakthrough in blue? If you haven’t watched the HBO series, Watchmen, do so immediately. The cosmic combination of racism, religion, science, and superheroes, is served hot, like a palate pleasing bowl of brilliance. A prerequisite, in DC comics studies, is not required to appreciate Watchmen. Laurie Blake, played by Jean Smart, reflects what it is to be a badass, fact following, FBI agent. Perhaps Sister Night and Blake, will team up as a futuristic, fusion a la, Cagney and Lacey, however in this version, Sister Night, has power over the planet, and the police precinct. Women could be a tour de force, if we unequivocally work together, sans the masks.




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