Baby Boomers may be more sensitive than actual Babies

A baby boomer is described as a person born between 1946 – 1964, approximate age 55 to 75 years old. According to reporting from Business Insider, a new study, reveals baby boomers are more sensitive than any other generation. Talk about projection, some baby boomers have largely denounced, millennials, as being the hypersensitive ones, however, it may actually be baby boomers with the sensitivity issues. Research from the Michigan State University study,  defined hypersensitivity to be “lashing out at criticism,” as well as being, “unreceptive to feedback.” Hmmm, sound like anyone you may know, or have seen on television, in the White House, at the grocery store, or in the office? No one will ever forget the “OK Boomer,” comment heard around the globe, which some baby boomers equated to a racial slur, ageist, and prejudicial. I didn’t know A.A.R.P. stood for Arrogant Affluent Rigid People. Laugh, release your cliched rectums and laugh, Logan’s Run was a just a fictional film. Are baby boomers receptive to the possibility that some in their generation are resistant to change, that some in their generation actively uphold a good ole boys network, that some in their generation are in denial about the literal consequences of environmental damage brought about by being oil hungry, and stock market obsessed? Did old white people get cozy with the Kremlin decades ago at a key party the public is not aware of? The utilization of some baby boomers, is with purpose, as clearly not all baby boomers or those in the Silent Generation, attended the Kremlin key party, they continue to stand up, speak out, being mentors, not micro managers. They are mindful and willing to pass the torch to future generations instead of maintaining a resentful grasp, while begrudging generations that follow them, chronologically speaking of course, not on Instagram. They see a future working in collaboration with other generations, instead of reaching in their pockets to share a hard candy, they reach in their pockets to share health care. Most millennials, and generations X, Y and Z are humbled by the sacrifices our generational predecessors endured, and honor the unimaginable struggles fought, upon which future generations stand.  

Some baby boomers are not only hypersensitive, they are hyper hypocritical, this is not a hoax, there are serious consequences to aging egos getting bruised. While, some baby boomers seem to have levied their luster for liberalism, in favor of a laissez faire lifestyle, praising themselves for fighting for the underdog, back in the day, now they are throwing a hissy fit, at the thought of a homeless shelter in their line of vision. Could it be the white people who stood shoulder to shoulder with Black people to end segregation, now call police whenever Black people, walk, drive, BBQ, shop, or breathe? We should not be surprised to see some white people okay with kids in cages, they come from generations of old white people, who were fine with Black people being enslaved. However, the responsibility averse, has passed down the “it wasn’t my fault” doctrine, shrugging their collective shoulders, with the sentiment of “it was just the way things were back then,” as they were not inclined to rock the boat, when it was working for them. The Caucasian clutch on control, is causing a bottleneck on betterment, clearly Caucasians in control, need checks and balances. There is a cabinet full of mostly white people in the White House right now, creating chaos, they are throwing a raging party, getting high on greed and tyranny, the cops were called, via Mueller and Impeachment, yet ironically, they have yet to shut down the crime filled party. So, the party rages on, disturbing neighbors, and Allies, destroying property, and Democracy, while negatively impacting the property value of Pennsylvania Avenue. Ironic that it is a so-called real estate mogul, whom is driving down the property value of the prestigious address. I am not saying not to honor and respect your elders, hell, I’m practically an elder myself. I’m just saying, elders make errors, and its advantageous for all to acknowledge those errors, learn from them, redress, atone, course correct, and teach the next generation by example, not exaggeration. Bigotry, racism, and sexism are taught through action, behavior, and conduct, then reinforced by rules, ordinance, and edict.

We keep hearing, “the nation is more divided than ever,” with talk of the, “forgotten white man,” although, I can’t think of a time in America when the white man was ever forgotten. Ever. It’s hard to forget the guys whose faces are on currency, the face of “Jesus” in just about every church, chiseled on the side of a mountain, and who are still controlling everything. Are aging generations at least open to the fact that systematic racism, and sexism are still impacting current, and future generations in economics, education, housing, and health care? “Danger Will Robinson,” it looks like, “Father Doesn’t Know Best,” after all. It’s easy to have nostalgia for so-called better, simpler times, when you are enjoying the resources and wealth, denied to others, while at the same time, dismissing valid concerns from those generations. Kids are being killed in classrooms, the anxiety teens, and their parents are experiencing is real. The old white man or woman screaming, “Get off my lawn,” with a refusal to relinquish their grip on power, just might be you. Reckless rigidity benefits no one. The keys to the car are not being extracted from your fist frivolously, someone else must now take the driver’s seat, it is dangerous to have some in the current batch of baby boomers, and Silent Generation, at the wheel. As the mother of a teenager, I observe generation Z is mindful, intelligent, resourceful, and empathic. Empathy is not pathetic, it is prudent. Kids are marching and welding social media for tangible change, sure a portion of it may be considered trivial, yet, they are focused on the future. Although, I will concede, it would be refreshing if more young “artists” placed concern with The People’s House, over their public relations. Alas, being selfish isn’t limited to one particular generation. Look at John Bolton, who choose to protect his book deal over protecting democracy. Millennials, and generations X, Y and Z are not sensitive – we are sick. Sick for the planet we may live on long after you are gone, sick of the vast economic disparities which are not sustainable, sick of mass shootings and increased gun violence, sick of systemic racism and sexism, sick of being denied the human right of health care, sick of the exorbitant cost of college, sick of who owns drugs being more important than who owns our data, and sick of the obvious, blatant corruption, going unchecked at the highest levels of our government.

“If you look at the world and look at the problems, it’s usually old people, usually old men, not getting out of the way.

“It is important for political leaders to try and remind themselves that you are there to do a job, but you are not there for life, you are not there in order to prop up your own sense of self importance or your own power.” President Barack Obama.

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