Trump Still Wants To Add Greenland To His Real Estate Portfolio

Word on the street is, Donald Trump is still trying to buy Greenland, despite it not being for sale. Donald is said to be set on following his motto of: Everything and every body is for sale, if they tell me no, I just use blackmail. Donald plans to install new policies in Greenland, with a key policy to eliminate the extradition treaty with the US, due to his numerous legal entanglements.

Donald plans to populate Greenland with migrants, whom will be flown in from Florida and Texas. Upon their arrival, they will immediately be put to work clearing land to create the world’s largest golf course, replete with self tanning golf carts, and Jumbotron’s, so that Donald never misses a moment of television.

Donald’s love of maps drew him to Greenland. The shape of Greenland on a globe, reminded Donald of a potato chip he ate earlier, further inspiring him to pursue its purchase. Donald won’t give up on his desire to own Greenland, no matter how long it takes.

“Real estate is all about wasting time. The more time you waste, the more money you make.” Donald Trump

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