Trump Fears T.V.

Current President, Donald Trump is afraid of television. He is not suffering from a phobia like, televisiophobia, rather a hardwired fear of losing control of the production constructed in his psyche, a scripted reality show series aptly titled, Trump T.V. the Titan of Tyranny, after a bombastic 72 season run, Trump’s show is being removed from the fall lineup. Spoiler alert, in the final episodes, Trump’s election “win” places him in the White House, at the behest of a foreign adversary. Unlike Chance, played brilliantly by Peter Sellers, in the film Being There, who adores television, and through serendipity, finds himself walking on water toward becoming President, Trump manipulated America’s ballot box with rubles to illegally influence the outcome for self-enrichment. Two different Hollywood pathways to the Presidency, one fantasy, one fiction, both dramatis personae.

Trump‘s deeds are capsizing his kingdom, as his heavily leveraged optical illusion is flooding with facts, in which truth topples tyranny. Trump is fearful of the world witnessing, the enigma that is Robert Mueller, testify – live – on-air. The medium of television creates an eclectic jury box of viewers, formulating verdicts free of the middle man’s agitprop. Americans will listen directly to Mueller, under oath, in front of Congress, speak about Trump’s deeds. The only thing close to Trump’s insatiable affinity for himself, is his ravenous addiction to T.V. Be aware of an expected well timed, desperate distraction, crafted by Trump, to be introduced, as he vies for a perilous plot twist, to shroud truth. Ironic, Trump’s obsession with T.V. ratings may literally expedite his unavoidable downfall.

“Any sole ruler, who is not required to give an account of himself, and who rules over subjects all equal or superior to himself to suit his own interest and not theirs, can only be exercising a tyranny.” Aristotle’s Politics 


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