America’s History Lesson Continues

America is not an ancient democracy, rather a political tyro on freedom, at the approximate age of 243 years old, America’s lesson on democracy, is not over. History chronicles the faint and flagrant actions of democratic and autocratic behavior, yield the same outcome, injustice and hate never age well. Democracy means, rule by the people, not just white people, or religious people, all people. The civil rights movement is not in the rear view mirror of American history. Many of the people who sacrificed, standing in solidarity with the fight for freedom are alive and still fighting, not nameless masses on black and white film footage, receiving belated applause from an anemic Republican party, genuflecting to a narrow base. Alive too are the people who watched in silence during the civil rights movement, who simply watched their fellow citizens endure law enforcement abuse, people who sat silently in the front of the bus, while Rosa Parks was removed and arrested. Moments of morality are not always captured on camera, often they are what we choose to do when no one is watching. Actions are recorded throughout history, often with justice as the barometer for measuring progress. As the free press are the lungs, of American democracy, justice is the heart of democracy. America’s heart is currently enduring the serious and intense strain of malversation, causing obstruction of the coronary arteries. America must eliminate the cause of obstruction in the arteries, to avoid a massive coronary. History’s memory is an unavoidable mirror, illuminating character, person by person, choice by choice. Remember, politicians like, Theophilus Eugene Conner, also had a base to please. Theophilus also thought his actions, his beliefs and his behavior, were above the reach of federal law enforcement. History sure enough chronicled the character of politicians like, Theophilus, who now seem like relics of racism, actually passed the recessive gene of bigotry to future generations. That gene was masked by the dominant gene of democracy, however, recent years reveal the increasing recessive inheritance of bigotry going untreated. America’s history lesson continues, recording actions, that either embrace justice or efface justice, all the while illuminating character, person by person, choice by choice. What will history reflect about you?

“Freedom’s name is mighty sweet. And soon we’re gonna meet. Keep your eyes on the prize,” Pete Seeger

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